DISCLAIMER: The above projects and/or packaging are portrayed in this instance purely to demonstrate my own conceptual, branding, copywriting, design, artwork, photography, illustration and packaging abilities. In some cases, artwork references or originals, brand logo and collaterals have been utilised that were provided by client and adapted to specific packaging parameters. In other cases I have originated the concept copy and design in every respect and adapted them accordingly, or a combination of both. Packaging of the shape/s and style/s portrayed are of an industry standard and commonly used in a retail environment. The phrase “Keep Calm and Carry On” with respect to Biscuit and Confectionery packaging is copyrighted to St. Kew Products. I do not seek to market or sell the actual products that the above packaging designs relate to. Products shown were or are available online and can be purchased from St. Kew Products from the following website.

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