Worked as a freelance graphic designer with a long-term client - St Kew Biscuits.

I created bespoke biscuits and confectionary packaging as marketing and promotional items for St Kew Biscuits client's brands. This was a high-volume environment and my creative production target was between 5 and 10 high-quality design concepts and production-ready art per day. 

Working from a most often rudimentary brief to create compelling designs for presentation to St Kew customers in a high-pressure factory production environment. The following are a sample of the designs produced.

Time-critical workflow included:
- I began with online research of the customer brand guidelines and style, collected graphic assets, fonts, and contact information, including web addresses, and created QR codes.
- Understand the customer's brand message and call to action as a basis for the design.
- Created design concepts and copy for presentation to client for approval - integrating mandatory product content alongside customer message and assets.
- I completed any revisions as per customer feedback.
- Schedule signed-off proof into the factory production queue.

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